2015 Knoxville Marathon Recap

Marathon Splits
10K 44:31 (7:10/mi)
10K-30K (middle 20K portion) 1:25:21 (6:52/mi)
30K 2:09:52 (6:58/mi)
Final 12.2K Split 53:11 (7:01/mi)

Decided to pop a Marathon during marathon training. Had a long run scheduled so registered for TN on a whim to knock off 12th state etc. Linz mentioned Ryan Wakefield was running so pinged him and rode up together & stayed at Super 8. Packet pickup – dinner @tomato head via yelp reviews then crashed. When I registered initially I didn’t realize I’d lose 18lbs and have a chance to BQ here but that was the case toeing the start. Still weighing in at 186lbs tho and lots of work to do before Flying Pig on the scale at weigh in.

Conservative was the word as I was uncertain with last few weeks not as consistent in China. If I could steal a BQ here then Cincy could be tons more fun in a few weeks with the ability to go out too fast and bonk late which I am so well versed. ;)
No watch as I lost my Garmin charger in Shanghai so I figured I’d try a 1:32/1:34 and hitchhike the 3:05 pace group for the first half then whatever happened after would be based on feel.
3:05 pace leader flailed @mile 3 with like a 7:50 mile from what I could hear from worried watch wearers, so I bounced. I kept it comfortable but pulled away at 5 and figured I’d use them as a net later if needed.

Courtesy Knoxville Track Club
Courtesy Knoxville Track Club

Half 1:31:30
Felt good but not great mentally, definitely plagued with uncertainty and a bit weary as my last marathon in Chicago sucked horribly after the 30K, (however I weighed 205lbs then)
Decided to latch onto a guy from Blacksburg mile 14-18 that said he was trying to break 3 hours. Let him pull away @19ish and cruised to 21. Saw Camille Herron on the out and back in first female then got a taste of the finish at 24 and pushed after I got chicked by some mid-twenties girl as she passed and said “homestretch”. Grrrr!
2nd half 1:31:33
Crazy even splits on a relatively hilly course but 1st half def hillier. Got the BQ but wasn’t able to run down Wakefield. Solid race and excited for more. Oh, & 1st AG 35-39 really?! I’ll take it. KNOX3 Def recommend running Knoxille as they had the most hilarious race signs and fan support… some of the best included:
– Katie Perry & shark costumes dressed up yelling “Cause baby you’re a firework”
– Star Wars themed station with Yoda and Chewbacca “Run you must”
– Mexican themed station yelling arriba!
– 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s movie themed stations – with a cast of characters including Neo from Matrix & Pulp Fiction stars.
– Signs included:
— “Naked cheerleaders 1/4 mile ahead”
— “Kevin is no longer a virgin” (with cherries painted on the sign)

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