2015 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

First a joke, then a champ. But when a tendon ruptured, everyone figured Seabiscuit had seen the last of his racing days. George Foreman had a comeback at age 40. Andre Agassi rebounded from snorting crystal meth. So why couldn’t I? It had only been 2.5 years…

Back in January I decided Cincinnati would be the ideal stage for my come back performance as its aptly named “The Flying Pig Marathon” and I was tipping the scales at 210 lbs. Bacon boy bounces back?

Oink oink, bitch.
Oink oink, bitch.

However, along the way, I started getting some consistency and realized I might have a shot to knock out another state and grab a Boston Qualifier a bit early in Knoxville.  Mission accomplished. Now I just had to lose more weight.

Now what? The 5 weeks between Knoxville and Cincinnati were a bit challenging to stay focused as I felt my mojo slipping away while fat and happy with my BQ bling. Yet watching my friends run the Boston Marathon helped rekindle a flame and right my ship in the days leading up to the race.

One lonely little pound is what I had lost in the 5 weeks between races. Way to go dude. 185 lbs. Sigh.

New goal. Still in the Uber-Clydesdale division I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of race times. Fortunately with a Qualifier in-hand, I knew I could resort to a familiar race plan of blowing up, holding on for dear life, regretting the decision to sign-up, then 2 days later searching MarathonGuide.com for the next. Not to mention, even splits in Knoxville hinted to the fact I might have been too conservative and left time on the table.

The Course. Hilly first half then rolling.

Flat and fast.
Flat and fast.

The Race. Goal was to break 3, hopefully closer to 2:56.
Weather was going to be a factor as it was forecasted to be 61* by 9am.


Charlie Kishman had a similar goal so we planned to meet @start line 5 min before race.

Broke from Charlie @mile2 because he was running with 130 half-Marathon pacer and I wanted to run 645s.. mile 6.5 i stopped to side of road to take of shoe and argyle business sock under my ripped athletic sock as that plan was insanely dumb in hindsight. Hot spot turned to blisters by mile 8 and would be uncomfortable to the finish.
Apparently, Charlie had caught up rigtht before I decided to step off and change socks but I didnt realize he was moments from tapping me on shoulder before I stepped aside for 12secs. Wish I had known he was 30secs ahead as perhaps I could have run with him late.
10mi 1:08 / 20mile 2:16
Shut off my watch from display mode to clockl mode at Mile 20 because I had no more gears in the transmission.. and did not want to see splits.. ran last 6 on effort.
Rallied at mile 22 and was feeling great (642, began passing 3-4 people in next few miles.. unfortunately there were still 3mi left and it was heating up. Drank 1 gatorade, 1 water and 1 water over head at every water station.
Last mile tried to press but was only able to keep the 2nd place female from passing as the crowd was chanting “Carrie’s” name which kept me fueled to not let her by.
HILLY first half but great course. Super happy to have fought off a nasty blister for the last 20miles to still get under 3. Charlie had a great race and finished 2:57XX. Ready to lose 15lbs and not race at 185 ever again in my life. Ever.

Mile 8 to 26 was great...
Mile 8 to 26 was great…

overall place:39 out of 3819 division:M 35-39 division place:6 out of 308
gender place:38 out of 2081
6.8 Mile:46:39 (pace: 6:50 , rank: 56 )
Half (13.1 Mile):1:28:16 (pace: 6:45 ,rank: 46)
Full:2:59:18 (pace:6:51, rank 39)

Marathon Finisher
Narrowly edging out 2nd place female

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